Resident Ambassador Program

Who is a Resident Ambassador?

Resident Ambassadors are residents who have volunteered to represent all that Blossom Ridge is. The ambassadors are knowledgeable about the community and happy to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Resident Ambassadors can be spotted around the community by their Resident Ambassador name badge. Resident Ambassadors are happy to assist new residents and answer any questions they may have.

What is expected of a Resident Ambassador?

The ambassadors – alongside a staff liaison – will meet with residents soon after they move in and give them a VIP tour of the community, showing them where certain facilities are located and demonstrating how to access them. An ambassador will also: provide information about the community’s activities, events, transportation, dining, wellness services, and other particulars, specific to the community. Ambassadors will accompany new residents to dinner and activities and introduce them to others during their first week at Blossom Ridge.  Ambassadors will also revisit all the most important aspects of life at Blossom Ridge and answer any resident questions.

Why was this program created?

The primary goal of the Resident Ambassador program is to make sure new residents feel comfortable and are acclimated with how Blossom Ridge operates. Ambassadors successfully help residents overcome early challenges of living in a new environment. New residents will gain access to insider information, and the perspective and insight of a resident. Having lived within that environment day-in and day-out for several months or years, ambassadors are uniquely equipped to provide honest, accurate information and additional tips they’ve picked up during their time at Blossom Ridge. The Resident Ambassador program is beneficial for both current and new residents as it allows current residents to get to know new residents and vice versa – creating a strong sense of community.